Awesome Idiom Examples

Would you believe there are more than 1,000 interesting idiom examples on this website?

That's a fraction of the idioms in English (more than 25,000) but this will give you a great start to learning these important phrases.

Infographic about what an idiom is with examples

To make it easier for my visitors to see what is offered here, I've divided these visual idioms into categories for you to peruse.

Take a look at the ones that seem interesting to you.

But before we even look at examples, you do know what an idiom is, don't you?

If not, I suggest you take a look at this infographic I created and then come back to look at the many different examples that are highlighted on this page.

Check out these idiom examples with pictures

These popular idiom examples with pictures will help you in two main ways. 

First, if you are learning English as a second language, you may not know some of the basic vocabulary.

For example, do you know what a "nail" is? Take a look at the picture at the right. Seeing a picture of someone hammering a nail into a date on a calendar makes the vocabulary easy to know without having to find the words in the dictionary.

Second, it's much easier to remember this idiom because you can associate an image with the definition. Sentence examples are very good to help see the idiom in context. A picture that illustrates the sentence example is even better.

Can you see how visual idiom examples help make these expressions more memorable an easy to understand?

I will continue to add as many as I can.

Check out the many examples with pictures at the links below:

make off with something make someone sick money doesn't grow on trees nail something down off the hook | off the wall on the ball on thin ice over the moon pig out pop the question (don't) put all your eggs in one basket race against time raining cats and dogs | safe and sound | safety in numbers scare the pants off somebody see eye to eye | see red sick as a dog sleep like a log sleep on it spill the beans | squirrel away stir the pot straight from the horse's mouth | sweater up that ship has sailed | take after someone | taken aback | thank your luck stars | that’s a wrap the lion's share the world is your oyster think outside the box third time lucky| tickle the ivories tickled pink tighten one’s belt tie the knot time flies | under scrutiny unsung hero | up for grabsup to your eyeballs wait tables walk on eggshells walk someone through something  wake up and smell the coffee | wash something down | ward off | warm up to | warts and all wash up | waste away | waste your breathwear your heart on sleeve wear the pants when pigs fly | with your back against the wall | wolf in sheep’s clothing you can’t judge a book by its cover your name in lights you’re toast  

Funny expressions: Idiom examples in comics and humor

Who doesn't like to laugh? Idioms are perfect for expressing sarcasm, irony and double meanings. If's for those reasons you will frequently find the in comics and humorous writing. Below is a list of some of the funnier idioms on this site:

a ton of sth bore the pants of sb | caught with your pants down | in a nutshell jump (right) in | kick in | leave a paper trail | on paper | a pain in the neck | recharge your batteries | score something | (not) see eye to eye | take to sb/sth | talk past each other | while the cat's away (the mice will play)

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