Idiom:  nail something down

Image of someone driving a nail into the 17th day of the month on a calendar, depicting the idiom nail something down: We're trying to nail down the meeting for the 17th.


Idiom:  nail something down | nail down (something)

  • to determine or make an agreement about something such as a time, date, place, amount, price, terms, etc.

Example sentences

— Have you nailed down a babysitter yet for New Year's Eve?

— We’ve got to nail down the dates for our vacation and start making hotel and airline reservations this weekend.

— I was able to nail down an interview with the governor for Friday afternoon.

— We absolutely have to nail down a time to talk tomorrow before the meeting. Are you free at 2:00 pm?

— I was never able to nail down a fair price for my painting so I refused to sell it.

— I don't know how he did it but my husband was able to nail down a beach house in the Hamptons for the summer.

— Yesterday's meeting was productive. We nailed down all of the details for the fundraising gala and divided up the duties with due dates.

— I hate it when someone tries to nail me down to a decision before I fully understand what the agreement involves.

— Please tell me as soon as you nail down the date for your wedding so we can make sure we can attend.

— How were you able to nail down a face-to-face meeting with George Clooney? 

— We've already nailed down three speakers for the conference.

— Have you nailed down a venue for the company picnic yet?


  • pin down
  • lock down
  • map out

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