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Learn English free with my weekly newsletter which is filled with helpful lessons, information and advice delivered straight to your email box. All you need to do is fill-in your information in the box above.  You will also receive a free vocabulary e-book when you sign-up! It's that simple.

What's in the Newsletter?

The newsletter includes helpful information, special tips as well as advice that I don’t include on the website. It's a way for me to connect more closely with learners who find my website materials and advice particularly helpful.

Several times a year there is a magazine-style article with an audio and/or video so you can practice listening (and pronunciation if you try to read to yourself).

Click here to see a sample issue of the magazine. (The magazine is only part of the newsletter though so be sure to sign-up for all the information).

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Learn English FREE on my site & get special offers

The information I provide on this site is available for free. However, I teach English as a second language (ESL) as my job.

I will occasionally offer my newsletter subscribers free materials, chances to try my products for free, as well as special discounts on certain services and courses I offer.

In addition, you'll receive a free vocabulary e-book to learn words through puzzles and pictures.

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P.S. Learn English free with lessons on my Facebook page

I always advise my students that consistent practice is the key to language learning improvement. Just 15-30 minutes of practice each day will really help you to achieve significant improvements in your English.

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