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Cameron is Courageous

Hello, I discovered your page today, and I'm very interested on it. This theme of TED talk is also interesting, because here we have a woman, a model,

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Learn English Animals Vocabulary

This animals vocabulary list covers the basics. Watch the video to hear the names pronounced and see pictures of each animal to practice.

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Idiom: All the rage (meaning & examples)

The idiom "all the rage" means something is popular or in style. Read these sentence examples to better understand and remember this idiom.

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Learning English video lessons that inspire!

Learning English video lessons with TED Talks are one of the BEST ways to practice English. You get transcripts, subtitles and translations for many languages.

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Learn How to Read English

These tips will help you learn how to read in English and bring your skills to the next level. Reading is a great way to learn grammar new words and more!

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Learn English video featuring supermodel Gisele Bundchen

A cool learn English video featuring Brazilian babe Gisele Bundchen, who explains how she learned English in New York as a model when she was 16 years old.

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Learn English language online free with video lessons

This learn English language online free lesson is “deep.” Well it goes deep down into the underWATER world. Put on your scuba mask for this amazing lesson!

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Learn English ESL free video lessons

This learn English ESL free video lesson introduces liquid-filled eyeglasses, which are helping the poor around the world where vision care is scarce.

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Real Estate & Places Vocabulary

Learn the most common real estate and places vocabulary with video and pictures. Definitions are also given so you can practice reading the descriptions.

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Coffee sign lesson (past simple vs present perfect)

This cafe's sign is a perfect past simple vs present perfect lesson. Did you try Latin American coffee? Have you tried Latin American coffee? Which is correct?

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Idiom: A wolf in sheep's clothing (meaning & examples)

A 'wolf in sheep's clothing' is someone who pretends to be good or friendly but actually tries to do harm. These sentence examples will make the meaning clear.

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Vegetable Vocabulary

Learn English vegetable vocabulary with pictures and audio for students learning English as a second language. Learn other vocabulary here too!

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Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Countable or uncountable nouns? These concepts can be frustrating but it's not as hard as it seems. These explanations will make it easy to understand.

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Fruit Spelling Lesson

In this fruit spelling lesson, we visit a fruit juice stand in Istanbul, Turkey. Which fruits are spelled correctly? Also, download a fruit crossword puzzle.

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Get free learning English advice every Wednesday

Every Wednesday I dish out free learning English tips and advice. Got a question? Maybe I've got the perfect answer! Don't miss out...

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Cosmetics vocabulary

Learn English cosmetics vocabulary (makeup vocabulary) and a variety of other topics by looking at pictures. You get audio to help your pronunciation as well.

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Learn comparison of adjectives in this tennis lesson

In this comparison of adjectives lesson, we review the grammar needed to compare tennis sensations Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. The ball's in your court ;)

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Listen and learn animal vocabulary

In this animal vocabulary lesson, you'll listen to Mel do a series of animal impressions. Then take the animals vocabulary picture quiz...

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Household Appliances Vocabulary

This English household appliances vocabulary covers the essential electric appliances found in the home. The video aids with pronunciation. Let's get started!

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Fun ESL listening exercise: Flight attendant safety rap

This ESL listening exercise showcases a flight attendant rapping the airline safety demonstration. It makes for a fun listening exercise you won't forget!

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English learning video on beauty

An english learning video lesson based on a short talk by Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong'o. Learn new English idioms and practice listening.

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Tedx Talk Jia Jiang Quiz

Now that you've listened to Jia Jiang's Tedx Talk, it's time to take the quiz to test your listening comprehension. Don't worry, it's a short quiz.

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Idiom: Keep a close watch (meaning & examples)

The idiom "keep a close watch" means to carefully observe or monitor a situation for problems or changes. Review these examples for better understanding...

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How to Learn English Words

This guide helps you learn English words quickly and easily. You'll find pictures and puzzles, frequently-used words, suggested books, resources and more!

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Learn Ocean and Sea Idioms (Meanings & examples)

An infographic of English ocean and sea idioms to help you learn useful expressions like "sink or swim," "sea change," "make a splash" and "washed up."

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Learn English Occupations Vocabulary

Professions or occupations vocabulary can be very helpful when introducing yourself and meeting others. Watch the video to learn correct pronunciation.

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Music idioms infographic

Learn 10 common music idioms that will help you sound more natural when you speak English. Sentence examples are given for each phrase...

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Musical Instruments Vocaulary

Learn musical instruments vocabulary with pictures and a video to help with pronunciation. There are many other vocabulary sets here as well. Enjoy!

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Learn 9 Money Idioms

Money idioms are popular in English and this list has simple definitions with many examples to help make these sayings easy to understand.

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Love idioms: A short Valentine's day love story

Learn 11 love idioms in this Valentine's day love story including "hit it off," "three little words," "pop the question," "get hitched" and other love idioms.

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