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Idiom: Get one's ducks in a row (meaning & examples)

The idiom "get one's ducks in a row" means to get well prepared or organized for something. Here are some sentence examples...

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Learn popular driving idioms

These driving idioms will help "put you in the driver's seat" in expanding your vocabulary. Learn "middle of the road," "shift gears," "third wheel" and more!

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Idiom: Drive someone crazy (meaning & examples)

The idiom "drive someone crazy" means to greatly annoy or irritate someone. Is learning English driving you crazy yet? Here are more examples of this idiom...

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Idiom: Cat and mouse (meaning & examples)

The idiom "cat and mouse" refers to a series of planned actions involving pursuit, captures and repeated escapes. Click here to see sentence examples.

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Idiom: Drive oneself into the ground (meaning & examples)

The idiom "drive oneself into the ground" means to work so hard or do so much that you become sick or exhausted. Read sentence examples of this idiom here.

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Idiom: In the driver's seat (meaning & examples)

The idiom "in the driver's seat" means to be in control of a situation. Are you in the driver's seat with your English? Read more sentence examples here...

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Idiom: Barking up the wrong tree (meaning & examples)

The idiom "barking up the wrong tree" means doing something that won't produce the result wanted. These examples will make the meaning of this phrase clear...

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Idiom: Test the waters (meaning & examples)

The idiom "test the waters" means to try something to see if you like it or to find out other people's opinions about something. Here are some examples...

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Idiom: muddy the waters (meaning & examples)

The idiom "muddy the waters" means to make an issue or situation more confusing or difficult to understand. Here are some sentence examples of this phrase...

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Idiom: Keep someone on a tight leash (meaning & examples)

Learn the idiom "keep someone on a tight leash" with lots of examples. You'll find other important idioms here that will help your English sound more natural.

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To my two wives

I know it is impossible, I was married twice and my two wives passed away, but before I die, I would like to talk to them to say how big was my love and

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English Emotions Vocabulary

Knowing emotions vocabulary can be very helpful. Are you feeling amused or determined or resentful? You'll be delighted to learn these English vocabulary words!

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Idiom: Drive someone up the wall (meaning & examples)

The idiom "drive someone up the wall" means to really bother or annoy someone. These sentence examples and synonyms will help your understanding of this phrase..

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Idiom: Don’t judge a book by its cover (meaning & examples)

The idiom "don’t judge a book by its cover" suggests you shouldn't evaluate something by its outward appearance only. Here are some examples of this idiom...

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Idiom: The ball is in someone’s court (meaning and examples)

The idiom "the ball is in someone’s court" means it's now your turn to take action in some way. Well, the ball is in your court... would you like more examples?

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Idiom: bad hair day (meaning & sentence examples)

The idiom "bad hair day" describes 1) a day when many things seem to go wrong or 2) when you can't style your hair well. Here are some sentence examples...

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Idiom: Bad blood (meaning and examples)

The idiom "bad blood" refers to bad or unfriendly relationships between people. These sentence examples will make the meaning of this phrase very clear...

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Idiom: A whale of a time (meaning & examples)

The idiom "a whale of a time" means to really enjoy oneself. These example sentences will make the meaning of this idiom clear and easy to remember.

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Popular Health Idioms

These health idioms are "just what the doctor ordered" to help you expand your vocabulary and make your English sound more natural!

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English Astrology Vocabulary

Learn astrology vocabulary including the zodiac and many words relating to personal characteristics and qualities. Learning English can be fun and practical!

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Easy Learning English listening & writing lesson

In this easy learning English video lesson, Candy Chang tells the story of how she transformed an abandoned house to a place of hope.

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Learn Popular Earth Idioms

I dedicate these earth idioms to students who will "go to the ends of the earth" to expand their vocabularies. "What on earth" does that mean? Find out here!

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Cleaning Supplies Vocabulary

Learn cleaning supplies vocabulary with the help of pictures and a video so you can hear the correct pronunciation. Download the free puzzles ebook to practice.

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Read, Listen and Learn English: Washington, DC's Cherry Blossoms

This newsletter features an article and MP3 recording about Washington, DC's annual Cherry Blossom Festival. The article includes many vocabulary definitions.

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Idiom: Think outside the box (meaning & examples)

The idiom "think outside the box" means to think creatively to find new ways of doing things or solving problems. Here are some examples of this idiom...

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English Phrases for the Veterinarian

Learn English veterinarian phrases as Maxine, a Havanese dog, has surgery and recuperates in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and at home.

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English Clothing Vocabulary

Learn clothing vocabulary in English by looking at pictures and hearing the words pronounced in the video. Get your free puzzles ebook here too!

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Most Common W Idioms

W idioms list. Do idioms “drive you up the WALL?” I'm sure you'll “WARM up to idioms” when you learn you only need to understand them rather than use them.

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Idiom: Waste your breath (meaning & examples)

The idiom "waste your breath" means to say something that will probably be ignored. I often waste my breath telling students to practice English daily...

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Idiom: Go to waste (meaning & examples)

The idiom "go to waste" means to not be used. Do you let food in your refrigerator go to waste? How about cosmetics or prescriptions? Read more examples here...

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Idiom: Wash up (meaning & examples)

The idiom "wash up" means to to wash or clean your hands, especially before you have a meal. Here are sentence examples to make this phrase easy to understand.

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Idiom: Wash out (something) (meaning & examples)

The idiom "wash out" means to cancel an event because of rain. Has one of your favorite events ever been washed out? Here are some unfortunate examples...

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Using "be going to" to express the future

Learn how to form and use "be going to" to express actions and states in the future. Learn how it differs from the future simple and there are many examples for clarity.

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Idiom: A small fortune (meaning & examples)

The idiom "a small fortune" refers to a large quantity of money. Would you give a small fortune to be fluent in English? Read lots of sentence examples here...

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Idiom: Warts and all (meaning & examples)

The idiom "warts and all" means including features and qualities that are not desired or attractive. Read more examples of this idiom here...

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I hope this will inspire others

I really like this video. I hope that it will inspire someone not to give up and go to their dreams. before I die I want to fulfill all my dreams

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This project can really help!

I so appreciate that I watched this video. We so rarely think about our future and about the fact that everything ends (sometimes faster than we expect

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Everyday we are slowly dying

Everyday we are slowly dying. This quote reminded me that we need to spend each day doing things that we’ve always wanted to do because we are slowly

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Before I die, I want to first thank the supportive people...

First of all, I'd like to thank all the people that have been surrounding me for the rest my life, especially my parents. In my opinion, they always deserve

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Idiom: Warm up to (meaning & examples)

The idiom "warm up to" means to begin to like someone/something. Read these sentence examples to better understand this phrase...

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Idiom: Ward off something/someone (meaning & examples)

The idiom "ward off something" to try to keep something or someone harmful away. Here's an image and sentence examples of this phrase to help you understand.

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Idiom: Bend over backwards (meaning and examples)

The idiom "bend over backwards" means to do everything that you can to help someone. Read sentence examples and synonyms to better understand this phrase.

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Idiom: A fly on the wall (meaning & examples)

The idiom "a fly on the wall" means to be able to secretly hear and observe something. These sentence examples will make the meaning much clearer...

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Really Awesome Idiom Examples—In Pictures

These visual idiom examples will help you learn some really popular phrases in English. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! Check them out here.

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Idiom: Waste away (meaning & examples)

The idiom "waste away" means to to slowly become thin and weak or to decline or deteriorate. Now, here are some sentence examples of this phrase.

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