Idiom:  under the weather


Idiom:  under the weather

  • feeling sick, especially sick with the flu or a common cold

Example sentences

— I called in sick to work today because I was feeling under the weather.

— No, it’s nothing serious I just feel under the weather today.

— My son did not go to school today because he was under the weather.

— I was really under the weather last week and thought I had the flu but it was actually allergies.

— Jack is under the weather so we need someone else to facilitate today's discussion.

— I haven't been under the weather in months since I've been taking good care of myself and getting rest.

— Unfortunately, we were all under the weather during the cruise so it was a miserable "vacation."

— If Sharon's feeling under the weather, let's postpone and meet next week for lunch.

— It's better you don't come over tonight. Our kids are under the weather and we don't want to spread the germs.

— I'm a little under the weather but I'm still trying to do my daily steps and activity. I don't want to break my Apple watch streak.

— If my daughter is still under the weather tomorrow, we'll take her to the doctor.

— I recommend taking this decongestant before going to bed if you're under the weather. It will definitely help you sleep.


  • run-down
  • got a bug
  • down with the flu/a cold
  • out of commission

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