Photo of policeman writing a speeding ticket to a man with the caption:  Citing you for going 140 mph is not making something out of nothing.

Idiom:  make something out of nothing


Idiom:  make something out of nothing

  • make something more important or serious than it really is

Example sentences

— So there are a few clouds in the sky… don’t make something out of nothing.  We'll still go outside for a short walk and take an umbrella just in case.

— My stomach really hurts but I don’t want to tell my mom because she always makes something out of nothing and will insist I go to the doctor’s office.

— Don't make something out of nothing. He probably just forgot to turn his phone on after the flight.

— You're going to make yourself sick always making something out of nothing.

— Whenever I go out with my friends and don't text my girlfriend constantly she makes something out of nothing.

— If I'm even 10 minutes late, my father makes something out of nothing.

— If you keep making something out of nothing you won't have a girlfriend to complain about.

— She got one poor grade. Focus on the positive rather than making something out of nothing.

— At my annual review, my boss tried making something out of nothing to justify not giving me a salary increase.

— My husband not only forgot my birthday but he told me I was making something out of nothing for being upset about it.

— Wear a mask and social distance. It's a pandemic. You're making something out of nothing when the virus is killing hundreds of thousands of people!


  • blow something out of proportion
  • make a big deal out of something
  • make a mountain out of a molehill
  • pour on

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