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Let's learn English grammar online and try to have some fun too. There aren't many grammar lovers but when learners get to know and understand it they usually find it both an ally and a friend. What exactly is grammar?

Grammar is simply the structure of a language. It's a set of rules that explains how to organize different words into phrases, clauses and sentences so everyone can communicate and understand each other. 

Rules?! Relax. Don't panic. We follow rules every day without getting upset or frustrated.

For example, we (most of us!) learn and follow traffic rules easily:  We stop at a red lights, follow speed limits, drive on one particular side of the road, etc. These rules make it easy and safe for everyone to drive on the road together.

Similarly, grammar makes it possible for all of us to express our ideas and feelings clearly to each other. You’ll like grammar more as you learn it because it makes learning English easier.

Learn English Grammar Online Topics

Over the next few months, I’ll be adding information for each of the following grammar topics so check back frequently.  Or sign up for my newsletter so you’ll know when I add new information.

List of Grammar Topics

Parts of speech



Comparative and superlative adjectives

Verb Tenses

Simple Tenses

Present simple tense: (e.g., I eat.)

Past simple tense: 

Present simple vs present continuous (examining the differences between these tenses)

Future simple tense:  (e.g., I will cry. I shall cry.)

Future simple with "be going to + infinitive"

Perfect & Continuous Tenses

* Spelling changes with -ing *

Present perfect tense (e.g., I have disappeared.)

Present perfect vs simple past (examining the differences)

Past perfect tense (e.g., I had escaped.)

Future perfect tense (e.g., I will have eaten.)

Present continuous tense (e.g., I am hiding.)

Past continuous tense (e.g., I was falling.)

Future continuous tense (e.g., I will be watching.)

Present perfect continuous (e.g., I have been going.)

Past perfect continuous (e.g., He had been reading.)

Future perfect continuous (e.g., She will have been studying.)

Recommended Grammar Resources

If you are looking for a fun way to review the main grammar points, check out this book by my former colleague George Buchan.

You purchase the book on Amazon.com

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