With English the world is my what? 

William Shakespeare coined this phrase, which appeared in his play, The Merry Wives Of Windsor.

"With English, the world is your oyster" means that learning English will unlock countless opportunities and advantages in life. English is like a special currency that will help you in a myriad of different ways.

One of the keys to learning a new skill is practice, practice, practice. That's why this site offers free mini-lessons to help you develop your skills. My goal is to give you a chance to experience the language in real situations.

The advantage of this approach is that:

  • You'll improve your listening comprehension by hearing the language as it's actually spoken in regular every day conversations.
  • You can expand your vocabulary almost effortlessly by experiencing words and collocations (common word combinations) in readings, songs and video clips.
  • It can help you develop better pronunciation by listening to native speakers.
  • You'll get brief grammar explanations.
  • And, you'll even have a chance to practice writing and speaking by submitting comments in select exercises throughout the site and by participating in discussions and challenges I offer.

Just practicing a little bit every day will lead to a lot of improvement! 

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There are a variety of mini lessons on this site. Check out TED Tuesdays which are interesting speeches and with listening comprehension questions and transcripts. You'll also find lots of information and practice exercises to improve your grammar and vocabulary (including idioms).

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Here you'll find suggested resources to help you learn English, study tips and referrals to language schools.

On "What the ?!?!" Wednesdays, get answers to questions that have readers crying out in frustration.

Again, welcome to my website! I'm delighted you are here. If you'd like to contact me to tell me more about why you are learning (or teaching) English and you're biggest challenges, I'd love to hear from you.