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Need some free learning English advice and answers?

Confused about English grammar? Don’t know the meaning of an idiom or phrasal verb? Wondering about the best way to prepare for an exam? Looking for guidance about where to study English? Frustrated with your progress and don’t know what to do next?

Learning how to speak English correctly is a challenge. It takes a lot of dedication and persistence. For example:

  • There is a lot of grammar to master and many grammatical exceptions.
  • You’ve got to learn countless vocabulary words, idioms and phrasal verbs.
  • There are differences in spellings, punctuation and pronunciation among British and American English (so even mother-tongue speakers are life-long English learners too).

Chances are there’s something (or many things!) making you scratch your head and cry out, “What the!?@*!?” in confusion or frustration.

No matter how frustrated you feel, keep your chin up (stay positive even in difficult times)! With perseverance, you can do it.

This page is dedicated as the place where I welcome my readers to post questions and ask for  advice. Unfortunately, I can’t answer every question that’s submitted, however each Wednesday, I will select and answer a question or two.

It is also helpful for me to know what types of things visitors are struggling with as I create mini-lessons for my blog.

Check back each Wednesday for my free advice.

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Questions from my visitors

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I'm confused.  What does "poof"  mean?  Click here and here for my answer.

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