Idiom:  a hot potato

A picture of a "hot" flaming potato between to men who are afraid to catch it plus the definition of a hot potato.


hot potato:  

  • A difficult situation or problem that people don't agree on and don't want to handle.

Example sentences

— In the USA, gun control remains a hot potato in politicseven after mass shootings at schools.

— Another hot potato in US politics is whether or not to keep abortion legal.

— Raising salaries for non-managerial staff has become a hot potato at my office.

— Mediterranean migrants are Europe's hot potato.

— President Trump's trade wars are becoming a hot potato for farmers in several states who are negatively affected by tariff wars with foreign trading partners.

— Immigration is a real hot potato in the United States today since the President declared it a national emergency.

— In many places in the world, health care is considered a fundamental right but it's another hot potato in American politics.

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