Idiom:  jump in / jump right in

Businesswoman wearing a parachute standing by an open door of a plane tells her frightened colleague, Remember in your interview when you said you were ready to jump right in?


Idiom:  jump in / jump right in

  1. to quickly get involved in something
  2. to interrupt somebody when they're talking

Example sentences

— Feel free to jump in and help us with the yard work.

— Without thinking, that man just jumped right in and helped rescue two children from the fire.

— Don't hesitate to jump in if you have a question or comment.

— All of these files need to be put in boxes, so could some of you please jump in and get started please?

— My new assistant is excellent because he just jumps right in and takes action rather than waiting for me to tell him what to do.

— Our speaker arrived 15 minutes late so I was grateful when my colleague jumped in and facilitated the meeting until she arrived.

— When somebody tried to grab my purse a stranger jumped in to protect me.

— Don’t try to jump right in when your mother and I are talking.

— Did you notice how my colleague jumps in whenever I'm talking to disagree with me?

— I'm sorry to jump right in but you've got a call on line two.

— I was grateful my supervisor jumped in to defend me when the customer was yelling at me.


getting quickly involved:

  • jump in with both feet
  • get in on the act

interrupting a conversation:

  • butt in
  • cut in 
  • barge in

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