Idiom:  look down on someone

Woman in fancy blouse with her nose turned upward looks at her sister with contempt. The sister's wearing a plain blouse and shopping. Caption: Clara looked down on her sister's fashion sense.


Idiom:  look down at someone / something

  • to see something or someone as inferior
  • to disapprove of someone or something

Note:  This is also frequently used as look down one’s nose at someone / something

Example sentences

—  I hate to say this but my father looks down on anyone who doesn’t come from a wealthy background.

—  Don’t look down on these jeans just because they don’t have a designer label on them. If you like them, buy them.

—  My children turn their nose down on vegetables unless I cover them with sauce or cheese.

—  My mother-in-law looks down her nose on me because I'm a little chubby.

—  Before you look down on my girlfriend because of her tattoos, you should know that they're a tribute to her sister who died in an accident.

—  Those sorority girls look down on us, which is hysterical because we feel sorry for them having to work so hard to be pretty and popular.

—  Many countries look down their noses on Americans for being wasteful and arrogant.

—  Our neighbors never looked down on us even though they're doctors and lawyers and my parents run a dry cleaning store.

—  I can't help but look down on people who wear thick lip liner that's a shade darker than their lips—it's so ghetto!

—  I shouldn't but I can't help looking down on people who smoke and use tobacco products when it's proven to cause cancer.


  • turn one's nose up at someone
  • look down your nose at

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