Idiom:  bad hair day

Image of a woman's hair combed completely covering her face with sunglasses on top with a sentence example: "Avoid the boss today if you can. He's having a bad hair day and is yelling at everyone."


bad hair day:  

  1.  a bad day in general;  a day when many things seem to go wrong
  2.  a day when you can't style your hair well and this makes you feel unattractive


This expression comes from the idea that when a person has a difficult time grooming their hair in the morning, the rest of their day is also difficult to manage.

This expression is used to describe something in a humorous or funny way.

Example sentences

— Yesterday, my mom was having a bad hair day so I decided to show her my report card this evening.

— Sarah's crying because she's having a bad hair day. First, she forgot about the manager's meeting and second, she had prepared the report for the wrong client.

— Avoid the boss if you can. He's having yet another bad hair day and is taking his frustrations out on everyone.

— I'm having a real bad hair day. When I got in the car I noticed I was wearing my pajama bottoms and I had to run back into my house and change into my work pants. As a result, I was 20 minutes late.

— I feel so stupid wearing a baseball cap with my skirts and dresses in the morning as I go to work but I don't want to have another bad hair day. The humidity turns my hair into a curly, frizzy mess.

— I just throw my hair up in a ponytail every time I have a bad hair day.

— Is she having another bad hair day? Ha, ha, yes, maybe we should get her a gift certificate to the hair salon.

— Sorry I can't go out—I’m having a bad hair day so I’ve decided to just stay home and rest tonight.

— Whenever I'm having a bad hair day I just throw on a baseball cap and get going anyhow.

— He's having a bad hair day despite the fact that he's bald.

— I'm going to send my wife some flowers today. She's having a bad hair day after literally getting an awful haircut.


  • one of those days
  • an off day
  • a day from hell

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