Idiom:  make off with something

Illustration of 3 cartoon girls wearing robber glasses with the caption: My friends each made off with jewelry from the mall. I'll never shop with them again.


Idiom:  make off with something

  • to steal something

Example sentences

  • I had a party Friday night and one of the guests made off with several of my bracelets.
  • My friend thinks she’s so funny making off with cocktail glasses when we go to restaurants but I laughed so hard when she got caught last night.
  • We made off with an extra goody bag when my friend's mother wasn't looking.
  • I've had to chain the pens to the counter because of our customers keep making off with them.
  • We've had to give out napkins and utensils rather than put them out because customers make off with much more than they need.
  • Call the police! Someone just made off with my car!
  • I'm not going to go shopping with you again if you continue to make off with stuff!
  • Here you go—have one of these brownies I made off with from the board meeting.
  • Ugh. My boss made off with the report before I had a chance to proofread it.


  • run off with
  • run away with
  • walk off with
  • help yourself to something
  • rip off

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