Idiom:  make someone sick

Photo of a woman looking at her colleague with disgust. The caption reads:  The way she flirts with the director really makes me sick.


Idiom:  make someone sick

  • to make someone appalled, shocked or disgusted

Example sentences

—  I can’t believe you ate that entire bucket of fried chicken—you make me sick.

—  Listening to my sister talk to her boyfriend in her whiny baby voice makes me so sick.

—  The smell of cigar smoke really makes me sick.

—  It makes me so sick how Clara laughs at Samir's jokes when they're not even funny.

—  When I was pregnant, the smell of almost everything made me sick.

—  Please close your mouth when you chew.  You're making me sick!

—  It makes me sick when my aunt and uncle try to hug and kiss me when they visit.

—  Just the thought of him kissing my ex-girlfriend makes me sick.

—  Eww! Someone's body odor is making me sick.

—  Watching everyone so happy and in love on Valentine's Day makes me sick.

—  Listening to Sarah brag about how she got into Yale makes me sick.


  • make/drive someone mad
  • make/drive someone crazy
  • drive someone up the wall
  • make someone want to throw up
  • get on someone's nerves

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