Idiom:  crack someone up

An image of a chicken that has cracked open an egg, which is laughing and saying, "You totally crack me up." This depicts the idiom, to crack someone up or make someone suddenly start laughing a lot.


crack someone up / crack up:  

  • make someone suddenly laugh a lot / to suddenly laugh a lot

Example sentences

— My two year old cracks us up because he's so naughty and we try desperately not to laugh.

— Your dad's dancing really cracks me up.  He's a big hip-hop fan I guess?

— The way my bulldog snores so loud always cracks me up.

— Who's your favorite comedian? Amy Poehler and Kristen Wiig really crack me up.

— I didn't want to laugh but the way my girlfriend painted on thick rectangular-shaped eyebrows for prom cracked me up.

— You should try to get in Mr. Roth's English class—he cracks us up all the time.

— We tried hard not to crack up when our teacher spilled coffee all over her books.

— Did you watch Saturday Night Live last night? I couldn't stop cracking up.

— My little sister's friends crack up at our older brother's jokes so he thinks he's hilarious but they only laugh because he's cute.


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