Idiom:  See eye to eye

A confused painter stands between a wife who wants the walls painted yellow and a husband who wants them to be painted blue. Caption: Amy and Bill didn't see eye to eye on the new paint color.


Idiom:  see eye to eye (with someone)

  • to agree with someone about something
  • to have the same opinion as someone else about something

Note:  This idiom is often used in the negative form:  to not see eye to eye about something or disagree with someone about something

Example sentences

  • My mom and I don't see eye to eye on politics so we discuss other things.
  • Happiness is seeing eye to eye with your wife about how to spend money.
  • Bill's secretary didn't see eye to eye with him about her salary so she quit.
  • I see eye to eye with my in-laws about almost everything so we have a wonderful relationship and rarely quarrel.
  • Although I don't see eye to eye with ex-husband on many things, we both are very civil for the sake of our children.
  • Well, we see eye to eye on everything except how to raise our children...
  • My son and his latest girlfriend see eye to eye on many things so it's a completely different scenario from the last person he dated.
  • My supervisor and I didn't see eye to eye on my performance review so I refused to sign it.


  • be of like mind
  • be on the same page
  • sing from the same song sheet
  • speak/talk the same language
  • be of one/be of the same mind (about)

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