Idiom:  On the rocks

idiom: On the rocks


Idiom:  on the rocks

  1. When a relationship is having problems and likely to fail (especially a romantic relationship)
  2. An alcoholic beverage that is not diluted and served with ice cubes

Example sentences

(Relating to relationships)

— My girlfriend and I were already on the rocks when I met Janie.  Otherwise, I don't think I would have even noticed her.

— Our marriage is on the rocks again but my husband refuses to go to marriage counseling.

— Either the director or CEO needs to call the client immediately. This relationship is on the rocks and we are risking losing one of our biggest accounts.

— Yes, everyone's congratulating my wife and I on 25 years of marriage. If they only knew the last 24 years have been on the rocks

— I never could have imagined that our pastor's marriage was on the rocks. Honestly, I didn't even know members of the clergy could divorce.

— My supervisor and I always had a great working relationship but since he got a new assistant things are on the rocks.

idiom beverage on the rocks

(Relating to alcoholic beverages)

— This pure cognac should be served on the rocks.

— We're waiting for our drinks. I already ordered a whisky on the rocks for myself and two glasses of white wine for the ladies.

— Who ordered a vodka martini on the rocks with four olives?

— I'll take another scotch on the rocks, please.

— Do you want a margarita frozen or a margarita on the rocks?

— Please give me another Stoli on the rocks with a twist and can you check with the hostess to see when our table will be ready?

Bartender:  What will you have to drink? Customer:  We'll have a Manhattan straight up and a gin on the rocks.


Regarding a relationship

  • heading for divorce
  • heading for divorce courts
  • falling apart
  • in tatters

Regarding a beverage

  • on ice

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