Idiom:  Apple of someone's eye

A smiling cartoon mother is holding her young child. The mother has a little red apple in the pupil of her eye. Caption: Melanie is the apple of my eye.


Idiom:  apple of someone's eye

  • someone or something that is very important to someone
  • someone or something that someone likes very much

This is idiom is used frequently to describe someone who is special.

Example sentences

  • Joan’s husband is the apple of her eye.
  • His only son was the apple of his eye.
  • My brother loves his wife but his Ducati motorcycle is the apple of his eye.
  • I know I shouldn't pick favorites but my youngest daughter is the apple of my eye.
  • My father is an avid gardener and these orchids are the apples of his eye.
  • My parents' favorite family member is our dog. She's the apple of their eye because she gives them love and doesn't ask for money.
  • I used to be the apple of my teacher's eye until he caught me cheating on a quiz.
  • My mother never liked me very much but I was the apple of my grandmother's eye.


  • the light of someone’s life

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