Idiom: bore the pants off

A man is talking to another man at a Happy Hour party, who's wearing colorful boxer shorts instead of pants. "Joe talked so much about nothing he bored the pants off his boss."


Look at the comic above and try to guess the meaning of the idiom 'bore the pants off.'  

Bore the pants off:   to be extremely boring or uninteresting to someone else.


As you can see in the comic above the boss is very bored by what his employee is saying at the party. His is so bored his pants are coming off...  

Of course this expression is not literal (it does not mean his pants actually come off in real life!)

It's just a humorous expression.


— Spending the weekend with my in-laws really bored the pants off me.

— Not only do my grandfather's good-old-days stories bore the pants off me but he also tells the same stories over and over again.

— Professor Steven's lectures bore the pants off everyone and today one student feel asleep on the floor and started snoring very loudly.

— My roommate's girlfriend is absolutely gorgeous but her stories about modeling bore the pants off everyone.

— Romantic comedies bore the pants off me—can we see an action movie instead?

— I couldn't finish the first Harry Potter book. Everyone said it was great but it bored the pants off me.

— My boss' speech really bored the pants off everyone and I was so embarrassed because I wrote it for her.

— I cannot understand how anyone can watch baseball or golf on television—those sports really bore the pants off me.

— I was sitting at the opera trying to seem interested but the performance was boring the pants off me.

— This story is really boring the pants off me — Can you please get to the point?

— The ballet bored the pants off me so please don't make me go again.

I've compiled a list of other idioms related to "pants" on this page. Check it out!


  • bore someone to death
  • bore someone to tears

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