Idiom:  From A to Z

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from A to Z: 

  • the entire range of something
  • including every step from start to finish
  • completely, to include everything and every detail
  • all the facts or information about something

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Example sentences

—  Our travel agent planned our vacation from A to Z, including hotels, transportation, meals and sightseeing.

—  The user manual explains how to operate and care for this automobile from A to Z.

—  My sister has been a scientist for 25 years and knows chemistry from A to Z.

—  Le Cordon Blue's Grand Diploma is an intensive program that teaches classic French culinary techniques from A to Z.

—  We asked the teacher what would be on the test and she said we should know everything she discussed this semester from A to Z!

—  The hotel resort had everything from A to Z so we didn't need to leave the complex during the entire week-long holiday.

— We need to get the information to the boss by 5:00 pm today but don't worry, he doesn't need to know what happened from A to Z. He just needs a summary with the main points.

—  To open an international office in Jakarta, we'll need to hire an expert who knows all the regulations from A to Z and also has local contacts.

—  The Mall of America truly has every store from A to Z so everyone will be happy shopping there.

—  Before I go out in the evening my father reminds me of every possible scenario that can go wrong from A to Z. It's so annoying!

—  We'll need to make sure we have everything organized from A to Z before the board meeting next week.

—  Don't Know Much About History  is a fun book that covers the must-know events in American history from A to Z.


  • from top to bottom
  • to the nth degree
  • inside out

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