Idiom:  that ship has sailed

Image of a sailboat in the distance in the ocean representing the idiom


Idiom:  that ship has sailed

  • an opportunity has already passed and is no longer possible

Example sentences

  • I've thought about going back to college but I feel like that ship has sailed.
  • We bought a different house because by the time we decided on the other one, that ship had already sailed.
  • You better propose to your girlfriend before that ship has sailed.
  • By the time my boss recommended me for the position that ship had sailed.
  • I quit my job and am going for my dream of playing professional tennis before that ship has sailed
  • Sorry but that ship has sailed and we're no longer accepting applications.
  • We desperately wanted a baby but we've finally decided that ship has sailed and won't try another round of IVF.


  • the train has left the station
  • miss the boat
  • genie is out of the bottle

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