Idiom: Cook up a storm

idiom cook up a storm


Idiom:  cook up a storm

  • To enthusiastically and energetically cook a large amount of food

Notes:  This idiom often used to describe someone who is a really good cook and can make a big and delicious meal.

It can also be used to talk about someone who can create a big impact or achieve great results in a particular situation.

So, "cook up a storm" means cooking a lot of food with skill and passion, or creating a big impact or result.

Example sentences

— My husband's cooking up a storm again. Although I love it when he cooks, he makes a complete mess of the kitchen.

— I hope you'll join us for the barbecue this weekend. My colleagues and I plan to cook up a storm.

— I'm exhausted after cooking up a storm all week for my relatives who were in town.

— I tried to impress my friends by cooking up a storm, but the fire alarm was the loudest applause I received.

— Maria cooked up a storm for her family's dinner party and everyone loved her delicious dishes.

— In the restaurant kitchen, the cook masterfully cooked up a storm, preparing multiple orders at once.

— My mom can cook up a storm in the kitchen, and her meals are always amazing.

— My brother thinks he can cook up a storm, but his specialty is burning water.

— John decided to cook up a storm for his friends but it just became a big mess and they went out to a restaurant instead.

— Our daughter cooked up a storm during an amateur cooking competition and impressed the judges with her culinary skills.

— My dog loves it when I cook up a storm because he can always find food scraps on the floor to eat.

— Our caterer cooked up a storm for our wedding reception, serving a variety of mouthwatering dishes. Would you like her phone number?

— After watching a cooking show, Lisa was inspired to go to the kitchen and cook up a storm of her own.

— My grandmother used to always cook up a storm during the holidays, preparing traditional family recipes. I miss her so much.

— My dad's going to cook up a storm on thegrill tonight. Do you want to come over tonight for some delicious burgers and sausages?

— The chef's creativity was on full display as he cooked up a storm, incorporating unique flavors and presentation in his dishes.

— The celebrity chef visited a local school and taught the students how to cook up a storm with simple and healthy recipes.

— Whenever I attempt to cook up a storm, my kitchen ends up looking like a tornado hit it.


  • whip up a storm
  • prepare a lavish spread

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