Idiom:  off the beaten path

idiom off the beaten path


Idiom:  off the beaten path / off the beaten track

  1. Thinking or doing something different than the usual things people think or do
  2. Going where other people normally don’t go


* Off the beaten path is more often used in American English and off the beaten track is more popular in British English but both are commonly used idioms.

If you go off the beaten path or track, it means you are going to a place or doing something that is not very popular or well-known.

If it's going to a particular place, it is usually a place that is away from the usual tourist destinations or activities.

If it is related to doing something that is not very popular then it's often doing something in a different manner or way.

definition of a path


Now, let's try to visualize this idiom so that it will be easy to remember.

The word "beaten" is the past participle form of the verb "beat", which means to hit or strike something.

If hundreds of people walk along the same ground or grass, the ground will be beaten many, many times by different people's feet. As a result, a path or track is created.

If you go on a hike in the woods, there is often a "beaten path" and it is much easier to walk along. But if you go off this path, it might be more difficult to travel over but you might also be able to discover something interesting that you would not see if you stayed on the main, well-traveled path.

Example sentences

— Instead of backpacking through Europe, I went off the beaten path and spent a year traveling through Africa.

— People who go off the beaten path usually gain the most valuable experience.

— We were so tired when we got to Paris that we actually just decided to explore some of the smaller neighborhoods off the beaten track. I liked it better than visiting museums.

— Everyone knows that the best food in town is off the beaten track. Why don't you explore some of the local restaurants that aren't as well-known?

— Jane is an artist who creates work that is off the beaten track. What I like is that she uses unusual materials and techniques.

— Tomorrow's hike up to the mountain peak is off the beaten track. We'll have to scramble over some big rocks, but the views from the top are absolutely breathtaking.

— The museum exhibit was located in a small town off the beaten path, but it was definitely worth the trip.

— In a world where everyone is trying to fit in and be like everyone else, it's refreshing to see someone who is brave enough to be off the beaten track and be true to themselves.

— The chef's menu was off the beaten path, featuring unusual combinations of ingredients that created a unique and unexpected flavor profile.

— The museum's exhibit was off the beaten path, showcasing the work of little-known artists from around the world.

— The artist's latest exhibit is so off the beaten track, it consists entirely of sculptures made from discarded bubble gum.

— We stumbled upon a charming little bookstore that was off the beaten path and spent hours browsing the shelves.

— I prefer to shop at local markets and boutique stores that are off the beaten path rather than big chain stores.

— We followed a small hiking trail off the beaten path and the scenery was breathtaking. The problem was we got lost for five hours and I will never ever do that again.

— The author's writing style is off the beaten path, which makes her books stand out from others in the same genre.

— The company's marketing strategy is very off the beaten path, relying on social media influencers and unconventional advertising methods.


  • Off the grid
  • Off the radar
  • Off the map


  • In the mainstream

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