My reflection on Matt Cutt's TED Talk

by Ema Lolo
(Nasinu, Fiji)

I am grateful to come across this website to broaden my knowledge on English speaking and writing fluently. Listening to Matt has challenge me to figure out what my next step would be to assist with my English vocabulary.

I have challenge myself on thirty days of listening, writing blog and join a local toastmaster program for public speaking. I do not want to be stuck in a rut and continue to work within my comfort zone when I know that I can turn out to be a better communicator at work.

I used to be shy and withdrawn to talk in a conversation at work because i was nervous and uncomfortable talking to others. As of today, I have made up my mind to change and give it a shot to learn as much as I can within the 30 days challenge.

Matt TED Talk is very encouraging. It motivates me personally to make a difference in my life by challenging myself to do something different and new.

By the way, I have promised myself to start my 30 days challenge tomorrow and hoping that I will be able to complete successfully.

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