Phrasal Verb / Idiom:  whip something up

idiom whip up something


Phrasal Verb / Idiom:  whip something up

  • to quickly prepare or create something, often in the context of cooking or baking.


  • This is an informal idiom.
  • This is a separable phrasal verb:  you can say "whip something up" or "whip up something" (the verb and the particle that follows it can be separated by an object or another word.)
  • Although this idiom is often in the context of cooking or baking, it can also refer to creating or making something quickly, such as a plan or solution to a problem. 

Example sentences

— How did you whip up dinner so quickly?

— I'd rather stay home and whip up a simple meal than waste money eating out again.

— I'll meet you at the movies in 30 minutes.  I'll just go home and whip a sandwich up and change clothes.

— Would you believe my boss asked me to whip up a proposal for the project? I have to somehow write it by 9:30am tomorrow morning.

— The newly-elected senator whipped up a storm of controversy with her comments.

— Did you see the new logo the temporary employee whipped up for us? He's very talented! What will it cost us to hire him?

— I forgot to mention my daughter's school party to my wife but she quickly whipped a costume up for the event in an hour.

— I'll just whip a salad up for lunch.

— We'd been struggling for several hours when the director walked in and whipped up a solution to the problem in minutes.

— Fortunately, they whipped up a last-minute presentation for the meeting.

— If you want, I can whip a batch of cookies up for the bake sale.


  • Throw together
  • Rustle up
  • Dash off
  • Create on the fly
  • Put together
  • Conjure up
  • Come up with
  • Make on the spot

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