Idiom:  up in years


Idiom:  up in years / getting up in years

  • elderly or becoming old
  • being of advanced years in age

Example sentences

— She’s up in years now but everyone thinks she’s 20 years younger than she is.

— When I get up in years I want to move somewhere where there’s a warm climate.

— You'd be surprised how many people who are up in years are using Tik Tok.

— Your dog has a frosty white face now. I guess she getting up in years.

— Unfortunately, my grandmother isn't traveling anymore now that she's getting up in years.

— I want to be just like my mother when I get up in years. She's more active than most people in their 30s.

— Now that I'm getting up in years, I have the time to go for long walks and read books every day.

— You should enjoy life now rather than deferring your happiness until you're up in years.

— When my husband was up in years he lost his eye sight but it didn't limit him much.

Getting up in years is just another stage in life. There are benefits and challenges just like any other period in life.


  • over the hill
  • the grand old age
  • long in the tooth
  • as old as the hills
  • of a certain age
  • no spring chicken

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