Idiom:  talk someone through something


idiom:  talk someone through something

  • to explain something in detail (e.g., a plan, idea, process) or how to do something step-by-step so that they understand it or can do it.

Example sentences

— Could you please talk me through your CV since you graduated from college?

— Their customer service is excellent—they talked me through the entire installation.

— The investigator asked the suspect to talk him through exactly what he was doing the day of the murder.

— Could you talk me through your reasoning on this section of the report?

— Don't worry, our representative can talk you through how to fill out the form once you receive it.

— My doctor talked me through what's going to happen during my surgery but I still feel anxious and worried.

— I appreciate the time you took to talk me through your application process yesterday.

— That's wasn't explained when you talked us through the demo. Unfortunately, it's going to be a problem for us.

— I wonder why no one talked you through our procedures on your first day.

 The doctor will call you this evening to talk you through the surgery so you'll know exactly what to expect.

 Could you please talk me through the proposal? My boss had some questions and asked me to review all of the specs with you.

 I cannot figure out how to upload this to the server. Can you please talk me through it?

 We need you to talk us through exactly what happened that night. No detail is too small. We need to know everything.


  • run through
  • lay out

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