Idiom:  join the fray

idiom join the fray


Idiom:  join the fray

  • participate in a fight, argument or competition that had already started

To "join the fray" means to enter a situation where there is already some kind of conflict or competition happening.

It's like jumping into a game that's already started or getting involved in an argument that's already happening.

Example sentences

— My son always looks for any opportunity to join the fray whenever a fight breaks out at school.

— I couldn't believe my coworker joined the fray in criticizing our boss' proposal.

— I told you several times not to join the fray and now you're going to be expelled from school.

— Whenever my girlfriend is drunk, she either causes problems herself or joins the fray.

— I'm glad you didn't join the fray tonight—I'm so sick of all the drama.

— When the hot dog-eating contest started, Tom decided to join the fray, even though he knew he would regret it later.

— When the protest turned violent, several police officers had to join the fray and restore order.

— When the office food fight broke out, Bob hesitated for a moment before deciding to join the fray and throw a banana cream pie at his boss.

— I can't carry a tune but after several drinks at the office holiday party, I decided to join the fray and sing "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston in the karaoke competition.

— Despite her reservations, Jane decided to join the fray and participate in the debate.

— The company's new product is about to join the fray in a crowded and competitive market.

— The new social media platform hopes to join the fray and compete with established giants like Facebook and Twitter.

— After watching from the sidelines, Mary finally decided to join the fray and express her opinion.

— When the fight broke out at the concert, I ran towards the exit but my friend decided to join the fray.

— Everyone who joined the fray at the rally last night was arrested.

— Why did you join the fray?  Was it peer pressure?  Are you afraid your friends won't think you're cool?

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