Idiom:  the gravy train

idiom the gravy train


Idiom:  the gravy train / gravy train

  • in a situation where you make a lot of money without doing a lot of work for it


A "gravy train" refers to a situation that creates a steady and significant flow of money, benefits, or other advantages but only requires a small amount effort or work.

For example, it could refer to a profitable business or career that is expected to continue generating substantial returns in the future.


What is "gravy"?
Gravy is a sauce made from meat juices or broth, flour, and sometimes other ingredients like vegetables or spices. It is often served with meat dishes like roast beef or mashed potatoes and is meant to enhance their flavor.

So, in this idiom "gravy" is used to describe something that is an extra bonus or something that comes easily.

In this idiom, "train" is used to describe something that is ongoing or continuous.

Therefore, the "gravy train" refers to a situation where a person or organization is receiving a constant flow of benefits or profits without much effort or work.

Example sentences

— He's been on the gravy train since he married a millionaire.

— The chef's unique and flavorful dishes have put the restaurant on the gravy train to culinary stardom, with rave reviews and a growing reputation.

— The unique ambiance, doggie park, doggie pool, custom dog beds, and homemade treats keeps the hotel on the gravy train of success, drawing in a steady stream of patrons who enjoy the experience as much as their four-legged fur babies.

— She landed a job with a big company and has been on the gravy train ever since.

— By constantly innovating and adapting to changing trends and tastes, the clothing brand has stayed on the gravy train of success, remaining relevant and competitive in a crowded market.

— My ex-roommate thought he had hit the gravy train when he won the lottery, but he ended up spending all his winnings and then wanted to move back in with us.

— Some people think that being a professional athlete is a gravy train, but it actually requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

— It's gross how our CEO is riding the gravy train with his huge salary and bonuses, while he employs as many part-time workers as possible to avoid paying benefits.

— My mom was able to retire early and live on the gravy train of her investments and pension.

— Our reputation for outstanding service and attention to detail has kept us on the gravy train of success, with loyal customers who appreciate the personal touch and quality experience.

— Many politicians seem to be on the gravy train with all their perks and benefits, but not much is being done for the people they represent.

I was living on the gravy train with my ex-wealthy husband but when he divorced me, I had to learn how to support myself. It was difficult at first and I'm not rich but I'm proud to be able to take care of myself.

— Some people think that being a social media influencer is a gravy train, but it's stressful and requires constant content creation and engagement with followers.

— Only a fraction of athletes are actually on the gravy train with high-paying endorsements and sponsorships.

— When he was offered a position at a prestigious law firm, he jumped on the gravy train to success.


  • easy street
  • cash cow
  • golden goose
  • meal ticket

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