Idiom:  a nose for something

Image of man with red clown nose with definition and example of the idiom "a nose for something." Our boss has a nose for knowing when we are goofing off and not working hard.


Idiom:  a nose for something (a good nose for something)

  • have a talent or ability for finding or recognizing something

Example sentences

— You have a good nose for bargains whenever we go shopping.

— I don’t know, my mother has a nose for knowing when I skip class and she won’t hesitate to tell your mother if we’re absent.

— Model scouts have a good nose for finding people who have a certain look that will photograph well.

— You used to have a nose for the best new artists. What happened?

— Put Thelma on the project. She has a nose for costumes for our plays.

— Our teenage daughter has a nose for older boys who get into trouble.

— Award-winning journalists not only have a nose for important topics but they also use storytelling to make the news interesting


  • bring to light
  • sniff out

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