My 75 Hard Challenge

by Masum

Actually I am stuck in a rut too so I decided to start a challenge named 75 hard.

But I do it in my own way. Now by watching this video it turns out that its good idea and I should follow in the footsteps of the person who made this challenge.

I'm a desk dwelling person too and i hope by doing this challenge, a big change happens for me and the days and years don't go flying by.

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May 24, 2023
Interesting Idea
by: Nicole (Oyster English)

I am intrigued by the name of your challenge: 75 Hard Challenge. What does it entail? What is it like?

You know, most people are actually stuck in a rut. Usually, people spend their lives doing one of two things.

Either they just do their regular scheduled activities day after day. Or they spend most of their time consuming other people's experiences, mostly through social media.

The good news is that it's much easier to get out of a rut. I hope you enjoy your 75 hard challenge.

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