"Give me a hand" idiom
(meaning & examples)

A set of intertwined hands holding each others' arms. Caption: The event planners were running late so the groomsmen gave us a hand setting up the tables in the wedding reception room.


Idiom:  give me a hand / give someone a hand

  • help someone with something

NoteLend someone a hand or give someone a helping hand is equally common and means the exact same thing as give me a hand.

This phrase is often used to request or help in a friendly or supportive manner.

When someone asks you to "give them a hand," they're asking for your help. And if you offer to "give someone a hand," you're offering to assist them with something.

It's a way of being supportive and offering your help in different situations, whether it's at home, work, or everyday situations where someone needs help.

Example sentences

— You’ve got both arms full of groceries. Can I give you a hand opening the door?

— I’m so glad you lent me a hand with the cleaning—I never would’ve finished on time. 

— Could you give me a helping hand with the party decorations?

— We promised to lend a hand at church today by calling parishioners for donations.

— Could somebody lend us a hand over here with these boxes? 

idiom lend someone a hand

— Sorry I'm late, I had to give my neighbor a hand with changing a flat tire.

— Your grandson is so kind. He always lends me a hand with repairs around the house whenever he's in town.

— You'll love living in this apartment building. The neighbors are so friendly and they guys at the front desk will happily give you a hand whenever you need something.

— Please give your mother a helping hand with the dishes, will you!

— Don't worry. The porter will give you a hand with your suitcases in just a moment.

— As the magician performed his tricks, he asked for a volunteer to give him a hand. I reluctantly raised my hand and became part of the mind-boggling illusion.

— My neighbor was locked out of his house, so I gave him a hand by lending him a ladder to climb through the window. It was quite a sight!

— I offered to give my neighbor a helping hand with gardening over the weekend.

— During the dance class, the instructor asked me to lend her a hand in demonstrating the complicated salsa steps. Let's just say my moves weren't too graceful!

— I offered to give my friend a hand with organizing her closet, but we ended up having a fashion show with ridiculous outfits instead.


  • help out
  • pitch in
  • be of service
  • give a helping hand

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