Idiom:  When pigs fly

Cartoon pig skydiving with a parachute. Caption: Who me, skydive? When pigs fly!

Idiom meaning:  when pigs fly

When pigs fly?  Ummm, when was the last time you saw a pig fly? That's right, never. Pigs don't have wings so they can't fly. It's not possible.

When pigs fly:  Never.


  • We use this phrase to say that something is never going to happen.
  • It's sometimes also used to describe things that have a very small chance of happening.
  • Frequently, it's used to respond in disbelief to another person's statement or question.

Sentence examples

—  "Mom, do you think dad will let me drive his Mercedes sports can after I get my license?"    "When pigs fly!  You'll be lucky to be able to drive the Ford Escort."

—  "Do you think I'll be able to be a super model one day?"   "When pigs fly!  You're only 5'1" tall."

—  I'll vote for Donald Trump for president when pigs fly!  

—  "When will Steven propose to Cathy? They've been living together a long time."   "When pigs fly! You know he's gay and they're just roommates, right?"

—  "When will my dog stop chasing the neighbor's cat?"  "When pigs fly!  He's a dog so it's part of his nature."

—  When pigs fly I'll go out on a date with you.  

—  When my boss asked me to make him coffee I told him it'd be ready when pigs fly. 

—  I guess I can expect you to clean your room when pigs fly?

—  "Do you think I'll get promoted to the senior media associate position?"  "When pigs fly!  You'll have to get a degree in media relations and speak at least two languages fluently."

—  I'm Muslim. I'll eat pork when pigs fly! Well, I'm Hindu and I'll eat beef when pigs fly! Really? I'm vegan and I'll eat meat when pigs fly!


  • not/never in a million years
  • when hell freezes over

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