Idiom:  Cry your eyes out

Cartoon boy on the floor and his eyes have popped out of his head as he cries uncontrollably because he's dropped his ice cream cone.

Poor Billy! He’s crying his eyes out because his ice cream fell on the floor.


Idiom:  cry your eyes out (cry one's eyes out)

  • to cry very hard or in an uncontrolled way
  • to cry for a long time


—  When John’s wife left him, he cried his eyes out for two weeks straight.

—  Sarah cries her eyes out every time she sees a sad movie.

—  “I can’t talk now,” Ellen said to her friend. “My daughter is crying her eyes out because she failed her exam.”

—  When I tried to break up with my boyfriend he started to cry his eyes out and I was shocked because I didn't know how much he loved me.

—  Get down please.  You'll be crying your eyes out if you fall off that table.

—  Every single person in the audience cried their eyes out listening to the young girl describe her battle with brain cancer.

—  I cried my eyes out the day Michael Jackson died. I'm grateful his music lives on.

—  My whole family cried out eyes out after our house burned down.

—  Please don't cry your eyes out. It's going to be better soon.

—  Every time we have a discussion about her performance, my assistant cries her eyes out and I'm getting really tired of this behavior.

—  Everyone in the theater cried their eyes out when the protagonist died at the end of the film.

—  I wasn't crying my eyes out. I was just cutting onions.

—  Do you think the HR director got fired? He was crying his eyes out after he left the Executive Director's office.


  • cry/sob one's heart out
  • in a flood of tears
  • drown in tears
  • dissolve in tears

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