Idiom:  under scrutiny


Idiom:  under scrutiny / under close scrutiny

  • being closely watched, examined or investigated

Note: This idiom is often used with kept, come

Example sentences

— After I was caught smoking, my parents of kept me under intensive scrutiny.

— The police had three people under close scrutiny for the theft of the art gallery’s paintings.

— The movie star's previous interviews and statements came under close scrutiny after he was accused of racism and sexism.

— My children have been under a lot of scrutiny since I ran for public office.

— I'm anorexic so my eating and exercises are under a lot of scrutiny.

— If you become a YouTube star, your entire life will be under a lot of scrutiny.

— Our firm's finances came under a lot of scrutiny after our failed audit.

— I don't mind being under scrutiny because I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of.

— It's one thing to be under scrutiny and it's another to have paparazzi practically running you off the road while you're running errands on the weekend. 

— Many job applicants are surprised that their social media profiles come under scrutiny by their potential employers.

— Famous people's entire lives come under scrutiny. It's one of the prices of fame.


  • subject to scrutiny
  • keep an eye on
  • keep watch on
  • watch like a hawk
  • keep a weather eye on
  • keep under surveillance

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