Idiom:  wash up

Image of someone washing their hands. Definition of the idiom wash up (to wash your hands, especially before dinner): Kids, please go wash up. Dinner will be ready in 5 minutes.


Idiom:  wash up

  • to wash or clean your hands, especially before having a meal.

Example sentences

— I’m shocked by how many people don’t wash up before eating at restaurants.

— Kids, please turn off the TV and wash up for dinner.

— Excuse me, where can I wash up?

— It's especially important to wash up now that there's a global pandemic.

— Coronavirus has taught us that washing up requires 20 seconds of scrubbing our hands.

— If you refuse to wash up before lunch, how will the kids ever learn?

— At school, we've never been encouraged to wash up before lunch.

— I think my kids are the only ones who feel like they also need to wash up before eating a snack.

— After I got severe food poisoning and ended up in the hospital, I never fail to wash up before eating anything.

— You just washed up and now you're petting the dog on the dinner table!

— I always bring antibacterial hand wipes or hand sanitizer with me in case there's no place to wash up.


  • freshen up

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