Idiom:  bend over backwards

Picture of a woman doing a backbend. Example: My sister bent over backwards to help us when we had twins.


Idiom:  bend over backwards (to do something)

  • to do everything you can to help someone

Example sentences

— Our children really bend over backwards to help our son who has autism.

— We bent over backwards to pay your tuition and all you did was party last semester.

— The communications intern always bent over backwards to help everyone on the team so we're very sorry to see her leave.

— I never fully appreciated how my wife bent over backwards to do everything at home to help me succeed as a politician.

— Just because you bend over backwards, it doesn't mean others will do the same for you but at least you'll know you've done the best you could.

— The dealership wanted my business so badly they bent over backwards and let me use one of their cars until mine arrived a month later.

— I'd bend over backwards to help my grandma because she's done more to take care of me than my parents.

— We'd like to recognize our receptionist who bent over backwards, staying up all night to prepare new packets after FedEx lost the shipment with the conference materials.

— You mean to tell me they didn't hire you after you bent over backwards to help them win the election?

— He's impossible to please so bending over backwards won't get you anywhere.

— The Four Seasons hotels are in a class of their own. They bend over backwards to make sure that even the smallest details are taken care of.

Thank you for bending over backwards to help me get a job here. I'm so grateful.


  • make every effort
  • give my all
  • spare no effort
  • try my best
  • do my utmost
  • pull out all the stops
  • go all out
  • take pains
  • put yourself out (for someone)

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