Idiom:  a ton of

Cartoon for idiom "a ton of": a man sits at desk interviewing a job candidate: "The good thing about this job is you'll make a ton of money. The bad thing is you won't have any time to spend it."

Meaning of idiom: a ton of

Read the comic and try to guess the meaning of the idiom 'a ton of.'   

a ton of (tons of):  a lot of something; a large amount of something.


A ton is a unit of measurement that is used to weigh very heavy things.

1 ton = 2,000 pounds (910 kilograms)

The idiom "a ton of" doesn't mean that there is actually 2,000 pounds of something. It's simply used as a way to emphasize or exaggerate the amount of something

The idiom can be used to talk about anything (e.g., hugs, strawberries, happiness, cars)


  • My dog gives me a ton of kisses when I get home after work. 
  • Gross! I hate it when girls wear tons of makeup!
  • You must've gotten a ton of sun at the beach—you're so tan.
  • Every time I get my hair cut at Saray hair salon I get a ton of compliments so I highly recommend them.
  • Why do I always get a ton of homework when the weather's nice?
  • Whenever I post photos of my cat on Facebook I get a ton of likes.
  • My mother always has a ton of advice about relationships so please don't mention you have a boyfriend.
  • Sorry, I'm running late. There's a ton of traffic—there must have been an accident.
  • My trip to Peru was amazing and I took tons of photos.
  • My husband always has a ton of excuses why he can't get home before 8 PM.
  • Bleh! This sandwich is terrible. They put a ton of mayonnaise in the tuna salad.
  • She drank tons of wine at Happy Hour and passed out at the bar.
  • I got a ton of mosquito bites when we went hiking yesterday.
  • All I care about is getting tons of sleep this weekend!  I'm exhausted.
  • My kitchen has a ton of  ants so I'm calling the exterminator.

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