Idiom:  Thank your lucky stars

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Idiom:  thank your lucky stars

  • to be grateful and feel lucky (especially that something bad didn't happen)

Example sentences

— We thanked our lucky stars that the tree that fell on our house did not injure anyone.

— You should thank your lucky stars you didn't get COVID at that crowded party.

— I really thank my lucky stars I live in a democracy where I can criticize my government.

— Let's just thank our lucky stars we got to the airport safely. The cab driver was a maniac.

— I know you're angry but don't you think you should thank your lucky stars you only got detention and not suspended from school?

 I thank my lucky stars my daughter insisted I go to the hospital after I fell and hit my head. There was a lot of bleeding in my brain.

— Right now, I think he's thanking his lucky stars he didn't marry Sarah.

— With your awful grades, you better thank your lucky stars that you got into any college at all.

— I thank my lucky stars I didn't go out last night. The cops came to party and arrested everyone for underage drinking.

— We thanked our lucky stars we had blankets and food in the car. The rescue team didn't find us for 48 hours.

— I always thank my lucky stars that my husband is thoughtful, kind and supportive.

— My daughter thanks her lucky stars that her stalker was arrested.


  • luck out
  • can't believe your luck
  • have the luck of the devil

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