Idiom:  eat like a pig

A picture of a cute little pig whose dirty mouth is covered in food. The idiom definition of


Idiom:  eat like a pig

  • to eat with poor manners 

For example:  to chew with one's mouth open, make loud noises with one's lips, put a lot of food at one time in one's mouth. etc.

Example sentences

  • My boyfriend eats like a pig so I'm afraid to take him to my parents' home for dinner.
  • Gross! Close your mouth while you chew. You're eating like a pig
  • One thing that I really dislike about my mother is that she eats like a pig.
  • When you go to the crab shack it’s impossible not to eat like a pig.
  • We’ve been focusing on our children’s table manners because they eat like a pigs.
  • We missed breakfast and lunch so at dinner, everybody was eating like a pig.
  • Did you see how Ambassador Smith was eating dinner? I can’t believe a grown man would eat like a pig at an official state dinner.

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