Idiom:  warm up to (someone/something)

Photo of young girl rolling her eyes up and sticking out her tongue. Caption: My stepdaughter let me tke her picture. I think she's finally warming up to me.


Idiom:  warm up to (someone/something)

  • to begin to like someone/something

Example sentences

— My mother is so afraid of everything she’s just beginning to warm up to using the microwave.

— Since our baby was born, my father is finally starting to warm up to my husband.

— We rescued our dog from the shelter. It took almost 18 months for Snoopy to warm up to us because he had been abused.

— My husband never warmed up to living overseas so I quit my job in the foreign service after just two years.

— No matter how I tried, I couldn't warm up to aerobics. I really love Zumba though.

— My five-year old is finally warming up to vegetables.

My teacher never warmed up to me so I'm not surprised I only received an B in his class.

— I've warmed up to wearing dresses—it's easier because you don't have to match a top and a bottom.

— I hated BTS and K-Pop at first but I've warmed up to their music.


  • take to
  • take a liking to

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