Idiom:  safe and sound

A fireman says, "The fire completely destroyed the apartment building. However, we are happy to report that all residents and pets are safe and sound."


Idiom:  safe and sound

  • not hurt or injured

Example sentences

— My dog disappeared for two days and I was so worried but today she showed up safe and sound.

— Drive safely, and when you get home don’t forget to call us to let us know you’ve arrived safe and sound.

— Our cat climbed a tree and couldn't get down. Fortunately a firefighter brought her down safe and sound.

— Although our neighbors' house was completely destroyed, everyone got out safe and sound.

— News Reporter: Were there any casualties?  Fire chief: No, sir. Everyone was rescued from the building and is safe and sound.

We were really relieved to hear our son arrived safe and sound after the cruise he was on got caught in a terrible storm.

— I don't care how long it takes. Even if we have to take twice as long as normal, I just want us to get home safe and sound.

— Our guide was very experienced and brought us back down the mountain after the avalanche safe and sound.

— I recommend you ship it via DHL. They have delivered all of my packages overseas safe and sound.

— You're extremely lucky we were able to reach you safe and sound. Hopefully, in the future, you'll remember not to cross areas that are marked "do not enter."

— We thought our toddler had disappeared but after searching for two hours, we discovered her sleeping in a laundry basket and she was perfectly safe and sound.

— The traffickers promised to take the refugees to Italy safe and sound but left them in the sweltering heat. We discovered the abandoned truck just in time.

— After we were rescued by the police, it was the first time I slept safe and sound in almost 90 days.

— Call us as soon as you arrive. You know your mother cannot sleep until she knows you're safe and sound.


  • (all) in one pace
  • without a scratch
  • in safe hands
  • alive and well

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