Idiom:  blind as a bat

Alex reads letters through a phoropter at eye exam: Read line four? Ok. T,  umm R, F and I think B? "Alex was blind as a bat and couldn't see the blackboard at school so he decided to get eyeglasses."


Idiom:  blind as a bat

  • to not be able to see or to not see well


This idiom can be confusing for some people because bats have eyes and can see with them!

In the dark (for example at night or in caves) bats can also “see” to get around or locate things by using their ears (they use echolocation). Perhaps that’s why this idiom came about.

Example sentences

  • I'm blind as a bat without my eyeglasses.
  • My sister is blind as a bat but no one knows because she wears contact lenses.
  • I was blind as a bat until I got Lasik eye surgery.
  • My daughter would rather be blind as a bat than wear glasses so she's been having problems in school since she can't read the blackboard.
  • Everything was fine until I went to Law School.  All that reading made me blind as a bat.
  • My poor dog is now blind as a bat and it's sad because she's always bumping into the furniture.
  • I absolutely hate myself in glasses but I'm blind as a bat without them.
  • Stop squinting like you're blind as a bat or you'll get wrinkles around your eyes.
  • I'm so blind as a bat that I couldn't see to find my glasses in the house after I misplaced them in the kitchen.
  • Sometimes it feels so scary to be blind as a bat. Recently, I was in a car accident and my glasses broke and I couldn't see anything.

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