Idiom:  sick as a dog

Picture of a sick dog in a bed with a water bottle on its head and a thermometer in its mouth. Example: It must be food poisoning. Everyone who ate the oysters last night is sick as a dog.


Idiom:  sick as a dog

  • to be very sick

Example sentences

— When my father caught me with a cigarette, he made me smoke the entire pack. I was sick as a dog and I've never touched a cigarette again.

— I decided to get the flu shot this year because last year I was sick as a dog.

— If you eat any more candy you're going to be sick as a dog.

— The food was so spicy I was sick as a dog the next day.

— I'll never go on a cruise again. We were all sick as a dog for two days when we ran into a huge storm.

— He's sick as a dog right now because he's going through chemo.

— It must be food poisoning. Everyone who ate the beef last night is sick as a dog.

— Everyone was buying me shots at the bar last night and now I'm hungover and sick as a dog.

— How can you drink so much? I'd be sick as a dog.


  • under the weather
  • in a bad way
  • green around the gills
  • sick to one's stomach

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