Idiom:  take some doing

idiom take some doing


Idiom:  take some doing

  • Something that is particularly difficult to do or that requires a good amount of work or effort to do.

Example sentences

— It will take some doing but this house will be worth a lot of money after the renovation.

— Learning a new language takes some doing but anyone can do it.

— Well, it's gonna take some doing but I think we can fix the problem with your heating without replacing the entire system.

— It took some doing for the movers to get the piano into my fifth-floor apartment. They had to bring it in through the window so I definitely won't be moving again for a few years.

— Getting a band like that for your prom would take some doing but anything's possible.

— Please sit here and wait. Getting your ring out of the drain is going to take some doing.

— Applying to 15 colleges really took some doing. I only got into one so I'm glad I made the effort.

— The holidays take some doing since both of my parents remarried other people who also have children.

— It really took some doing to finish the report on time. Of course, my boss didn't notice all of the hard work and sacrifice.

— It took some doing to travel across the world for this tournament so we were most disappointed when we got Coronavirus and couldn't attend the event.

— Are you sure you want to try to adopt a baby from China? That will take some doing and there's no guarantee of success.


  • stick it out
  • stay the course 
  • plug away at 
  • put one's nose to the grindstone 
  • apply oneself to

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