Idiom:  wash down something

A nurse gives a patient a glass of orange juice so he can take a pill. Patient: I like to wash down my medicine with orange juice. Nurse: Good idea.


Idiom:  wash down something (wash something down)

  • to drink a liquid to help swallow something

Example sentences

— Could I have a glass of water so I can wash down these pills?

— We washed down my birthday cake with a bottle of champagne.

— Do not wash fondue down with a cold drink or it will form a solid ball of cheese in your stomach. Drink wine or tea instead!

— What shall we wash these salads down with? Sparkling or still water?

— When we were in France we washed every meal down with the house wine, which was always very good.

— My mother's cooking is so bland. You'll have to use a lot of salt and pepper and wash it down with a soda.

— What are you doing washing your pills down with a glass of wine? That's dangerous!

— He used to wash my breakfast biscuits down with a cup of strong black coffee.

— My wife washed down her sorrows about the NY Yankee's loss with a 6-pack of beer.

— These fries and cheeseburger are so unhealthy I may as well wash them down with a chocolate milk shake.

— It always seemed crazy when I used to arrive on an early morning flight at Munich's airport and see Germans washing down breakfast with beers!


  • put away

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