Idiom:  happy hour

Image with two beer mugs clinking together as if in a toast to "cheers" depicting the idiom "happy hour"; the definition and an example are given


Idiom:  happy hour

  • a period of time in the early evening when drinks are sold cheaply in a bar

Example sentences

— I met a really nice girl at happy hour yesterday so I'm going back this evening to meet her for another drink.

— Did you know that Guapos has $3 margaritas and $2 bottled beer during their happy hour

— Happy hour is my favorite time of the week.

— Our restaurant has happy hour every day of the week from four until 7 PM.

— Our department is going to happy hour and then out to dinner afterwards if your interested in joining us.

— Actually, I hate going to happy hour because it's so hard to just sit at a table and talk to your friends when it's so crowded.

— I only get mixed drinks when I'm at happy hour because they're usually on special and I just refuse to pay $14-$20 on a drink at regular prices.

— The weekend magazine insert has a really great list of cool places to have happy hour so there's a few rooftop bars that were going to check out while we're in San Francisco.

— Even though happy hour normally lasts for several hours, we still call it "happy hour" not "happy hours."

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