Idiom:  tie the knot

Two hands tying a string in a bow knot. The idiom "tie the knot" with definition and example: John & Sandra are finally tying the knot after dating for 12 years.


Idiom:  tie the knot

  • to get married

Example sentences

— We got engaged last year but we're not going to tie the knot until we graduate from school.

— My best friend tied the knot yesterday and today she’s going to Bali for her honeymoon.

— Congratulations on your engagement! When are you tying the knot?

— We tied the knot in front of our immediate family and a small group of friends on the beach in the Barbados.

— Everyone's tying the knot and I still don't have a serious boyfriend.

— My parents tied the knot when my mom was four months pregnant with me.

— A:  "Is your son still dating Katie?"  B: "They're tying the knot next month!"

— I broke up with my girlfriend because all her friends were tying the knot and she was getting anxious. I'm just not ready to get married for several years.

— My mom will kill me. My boyfriend and I tied the knot in Vegas last night.

— My sister is tying the knot for the third time and she's only 35 years old.


  • get hitched
  • go down the aisle

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