Idiom:  pop the question

The words "Marry Me" written in the beach sand within a red heart design. Idiom "pop the question": to propose marriage; Example: My boyfriend popped the question at the beach.


Idiom:  pop the question

  • to propose marriage (ask someone to marry)

Example sentences

— I need to think of a really romantic way to pop the question to my girlfriend.

— My boyfriend was behaving very strangely so I thought he was about to break up with me but he actually popped the question.

— My dad popped the question to my mom after just two months but she said it was too early and they dated two more years before he asked again.

— They got serious so quickly that Joe popped the question after only six months.

— Before I pop the question, I'm going to ask my girlfriend's parents for their permission.

— My fiancée is very modern so I didn't ask her parents for permission to pop the question. We just told them afterwards.

— At dinner, a young woman at the table next to us quietly popped the question to her boyfriend and he was shocked but accepted her proposal.

— A guy popped the question at the basketball game during halftime and the girl got very upset and then ran off the court. It was so awkward.

— I really wish people would stop asking me when I'm going to pop the question. It's very personal.


  • ask for someone's hand
  • ask for the hand of

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